How to Protect your Deck from this Season’s Storms

In the spring and summer repair of decks is the most common job homeowners do. The sun, rain, and snow all contribute to wear-and-tear that can cause your deck to look unsightly. Here are a few reasons to start deck repairs now that the weather is warming up.

1. It’s not just a visual affront. A deck that’s worn out or damaged can pose a threat to family members who use it often. You must immediately take care of any unsafe or missing boards so that nobody is hurt while you enjoy your outdoor activities.

2. The value of your home will go up when your deck is well-maintained.

3. If you’re planning to sell your home in the short or longer term, an updated deck will draw potential buyers and boost your chances of selling quickly.

4. Taking care of your deck now will help avoid costly repairs in the future. It is possible to keep your deck in good condition for many years to come with basic maintenance like cleaning the deck of debris and examining for any loose boards.

5. It’s satisfying to complete a long-overdue project particularly if it can provide you with hours of enjoyment in the near future.

6. This reduces the need for expensive repairs in the future.

7. Enjoy summertime fun all year long!

8. The deck will be prepared for spring when it comes around!

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You’ll save time and cash by investing in deck repairs early.

To extend the lifespan of your deck you need to perform annual maintenance. Staining and cleaning not just eliminates the color fade that occurred the past, but also shields your deck from harsh weather conditions that can cause damage to wood. It will not only remove unsightly dirt and grime, but also safeguard your deck from future damage by putting layers of protection on your deck.

When your deck is clear of dirt and dirt buildup, it’s time to apply a waterproof sealant that will help protect the wood. It is possible to enjoy all year in summer by applying just one coat of sealant. If your deck is constructed from pressure treated wood, then sealing it is NOT advised. The type of wood used is usually designed with chemicals meant to resist water damage, therefore it’s recommended to keep your deck unfinished until spring comes around.

The bottom line is that by investing in easy deck repairs now, you will save yourself time and money later on by avoiding issues that could cause major damage before they happen. Like any other piece of outdoor furniture your deck is an investment. It is worthy of the same care and attention. Your outdoor space is ready for the next year’s spring by cleaning, sealing, and staining it this autumn.