Introducing Bullheaded NFTs, The First Dog-Themed Quality NFT Collection

The non-fungible token (NFT) sector is flourishing and numerous brand-new, however, mostly low-quality projects populate its sphere every day. When we conceived the idea of Bullheaded NFTs we had one main goal in mind: to create something that could eventually be recognized as one of the best of the best, like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, or the like. We are happy to say that we’ve succeeded. Read on to learn the ways to get involved before anyone else gets to know us.

What is Bullheaded Non-Footiles?

Bullheaded NFTs are 7,777 bespoke items featuring bully breed dogs with different styles, backgrounds and other characteristics. All of the collection is registered with Ethereum. Each token is based on the ERC-721 standards, which ensures ownership security and transaction integrity for all future owners. Our collection is designed to follow in the footsteps of world-renowned projects which demonstrated that often all NFTs have to offer is extremely strong intellectual property, including exclusive on,- and offline benefits and plans to get excited about, so as to attract a fan base.

Bullheaded NFTs can do what they promise, and more. The collection will not just include the most varied and stunning artworks in the field, but also be accompanied by a variety of benefits and perks for holders that are anticipated to generate natural demand and value for the BullHeads.

What’s the secret behind why Bullheaded NFTs unique?

Let’s have a closer look at what differentiates BullHeads from the the crowd. It’s hard to ignore the high-quality and variety of their illustrations. Every BullHead is an unintentional mix of over 160 traits and specifications. Every BullHead is unique in its own way which includes a striking combination of with futuristic eyewear, clothes, and weapons as well as an expressive facial expression. BullHeads are expected to be highly sought-after, and their price will increase significantly when they become publicly traded.

We will now move on to the benefits and advantages of having a BullHead. We set out to develop intellectual property with high value without any utility and to fully leverage the digital ownership of NFTs. This was done to give BullHeads a variety of advantages. They have access to a global group of owners, blockchain-related benefits and private events. A lot more are coming from areas such as DeFi and BullHead DAO (P2E gaming), airdrops, and other areas.

What is the Bullheaded NFT roadmap?

We are proud to have an outline that will lead to incredibly thrilling times. Bullheaded NFTs is a distinctive company that will take you on an amazing journey.

How to get your Bullheaded NFT

Follow us on social media , or on any of our sites and take advantage of the pre-minted BullHeads for 0.7 ETH + gas, or get your coins through the public mint at 0.8 ETH plus gas. Let’s begin this journey together, the Bullheaded community is waiting for your joining.

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