What Is The Cause Of Latency?

The term “latency” refers the amount of time it takes for your device and computer to react to an action such as clicking on the link. Most people won’t notice any difference in their Spotify listening or video streaming but gamers may have problems because of latency. Satellite internet has a higher precision than wired connections. This means that you can experience slower performance from games due to the high loss rates.

Latency is the interval between the input (in this case, an anchor) and the time it’s delivered to others. In other words when you play video games or watching YouTube videos online , the latency will affect responsiveness as well since there’s a risk of things not being 100% precise in timing, based on their speed over fiber optics cables that bring them into our homes so that we can test them out for ourselves.

What is the cause of latency?

Gamers and end-users could experience latency issues. Latency can be affected by factors such as distance between you (and the server) as well as any other intermediate elements like Wi-Fi speeds or internet connection type. Also, you can have an effect on the combination of router and modem that you are using there are lots of choices! Do not be worried if the process initially appears complicated.


The term “latency” refers to the amount of time it takes for information from one point in time to reach the next. In this instance we’re talking about the distance that your system is from whatever server(s) which are supplying the information requested by the machine . If it’s Distant enough then there will rise in Latency.

Propagation Delay

One of the most crucial elements in determining how much latency you experience when browsing on your computer or mobile device is what’s known as “propagation delay.” It’s simple to think about this as one aspect, but it affects all other measures of bandwidth and connection speed that we take into consideration, such as speeds for downloading (because they depend on receiving data packets back from where they’re transmitted) and uploads that depend on having a network interface card. The same applies for wireless connectivity too.

The types of Internet Connection

There are notable differences in latency between internet connections. Cable and DSL have lower latency, while fiber has more of an average. Satellites tend to be slow because of its design that requires more space for transmission. This can lead to delays in waiting times as well as an increase in buffering capacity on websites users require access to like audio videos or audio files.

What’s on a website?

Have you ever clicked one of those links and waited for hours for the site to load? This was due to them trying to create their Angelfire site look attractive. They put The Office memes all over it, and now each visit to the page takes longer than usual.

The browser on your computer must download massive files, like videos or HD images, when you go to a site. There will be latency due to the fact they could be hosted on an outside server.

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